Work on All CDMA (850MHz) Network operator, Easy operation and Installation Process, Upgradable for multiple rooms.

Mobile Signal Booster is the perfect solution for problems caused by poor Cell Phone reception. These Cell Phone signal boosters - Which are also known as Mobile Signal repeaters - serve as powerful amplifiers that will rapidly boost your cell phone reception to make your wireless phone experience smoother, more reliable.

Technical Specification

Characteristic Specification
Down-Link Up-Link
Frequency Range 869-894 MHz 824—849 MHz
Input Power Range -70 ~ -40 dBm/FA(1.23 MHz)
Output Power 23 dBm 23 dBm
Gain 55 dB 50 dB
Characteristic Impedance 50
VSWR <1.4
Tx/Rx Isolation > 80 dB
Noise figure < 3 dB
Group Delay < 1 us
Pass Band Ripple 3.0 dB p-p
Main power AC 100-220V (used AC/DC 9Vdc)
Built-over area 500 Sqft
Size(H×W×D) 200 x120 x 22 mm


Work on All CDMA (850MHz) Network operator

Coverage up to 300-350 Sq. meters

Easy operation and Installation Process

Support Multi User and Network Operator

Immediately improves voice and data signal quality

Receives and transmits better than your cell phone

Upgradable for multiple rooms

Suitable for houses, offices, Building, Basement or More

Package Includes

850 Mhz Network Signal Booster

Indoor antenna
Outdoor Antenna
10m LMR 400 Wire

Price – Rs. 9,995/- Fixed Price
Taxes – GST - 18% Extra
One Year Warranty
Additional wire (if required) - 15 mtr wire Included

For Delhi - Rs. 850/-
For NCR - Rs. 1250/-